ADA Aquasky 602 Twin


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AQUASKY 602 TWIN LED Provides the best-in-class light intensity and excellent light distribution A key to AQUASKYÂ’s brightness is its high luminosity LEDs and their layout. Numbers of high luminosity LEDs are regularly distributed in a shifted manner, and it makes possible to illuminate a whole aquarium layout. Heat generation is a common problem of high luminosity LED lamps. ADA solved the problem by employing the high radiation performance aluminum material and its unique fin structures. AQUASKY 602 gives a sufficient amount of light for growing heliophytic plants. This product is the twin light model for 60cm wide planted aquariums . Product specification input voltage: AC100~240V 50/60Hz power consumption: 60W (30W per lighting unit) current consumption: 900mA luminous flux: 2,520 ~ 2,850lm (per lighting unit) color temperature: around 7,000K LED: 0.4W/each x 63 (per lighting unit) LED lifetime: Over 30,000hrs Comes with 2 adapters for each lighting unit dimension: W600 x D188 x H120 (mm) Please note: the Aquasky is not yet available in larger sizes since LED technology is not yet advanced enough for LEDs to be sufficient for plant growth beyond these sizes. In our experience, any LEDs that are marketed as being suitable for larger aquariums are simply not suitable for Nature Aquarium plant growth.