API Algaefix Marine 237ml


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API Algaefix Marine 237ml Algaefix Marine controls many types of algae growth in marine and reef aquariums & will not harm marine fish, corals, or other invertebrates. Excess algae growth in saltwater aquariums is unsightly. Algae can over run delicate corals and live rock in reef aquaria. While copper sulfate has been used in fish-only aquariums, it adds undesirable heavy metals to the aquarium and cannot be used with invertebrates. Algaefix Marine is developed for algae control in marine aquariums including reef aquariums containing inverts such as corals and shrimp. It is recommended to use Algaefix Marine weekly to control algal growth and reduce aquarium maintenance. Benefits Reef safe aquarium algaecide Controls many types of algae in marine and reef aquariums Will not harm marine fish, corals and other invertebrates Will not harm coralline algae Effectively controls Green Algae, Red Slime, and Brown Algae Does not discolor water or cause foaming