Aqua Medic aCone 1.5 EVO Skimmer



aCone 1.5 EVO Protein Skimmer Adjustable and powerful protein skimmer for installation in a sump. The aCone 1.5 EVO is suitable for seawater aquariums up to 1,500ltrs. Features the latest generation conical reaction chamber design complete with low noise, low voltage (24v DC) DC Runner 3.0 Air wheel pump with DC Controller. The DC Runner 3.0 pump has a 3D needle wheel impeller which produces very fine bubbles with only 21 watts energy consumption. The externally fitted DC pump is easily removed for cleaning without the need to dismantle and remove the skimmer from the sump, unlike skimmers with internally fitted pumps. The skimmer foam production can be easily adjusted with the air adjustment dial and the DC Runner Controller to ensure the correct skimmer water level, optimum bubble structure and ideal foam. Dimensions: Skimmer height to top of foam cup: H 53cm. Requires approximately 55cm total height space (2cm above top of skimmer cup) to allow for foam cup removal. Skimmer footprint approximately: 35 x 32cm Please read instructions carefully and note the maintenance requirements especially for the DC Runner pump and the 3D needle wheel impeller.