Aqua Medic AquaSunLED 200W


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AquaSunLED 200W Module consists of 50 high power 3 watt LED’s (66% x White12000k + 33% x Blue 25000K), giving a total power of 200watts. The combined blue and white LED’s give an ideal colour temperature of 14,000 K. The aquasunLED is equipped with a programmable computer control incorporating 10 control programs which can also be individually changed. The programmable computer adjusts dimming and output control via PWM control (Pulse Width Modulation) which also ensures no change to the spectral output of the LED’s at all output levels. PWM control also produces no heat or lost energy, unlike other lighting controlled by inferior current reduction technology. DimEdit software is included and updates will be available online. There are 4 separate programmable and dimmable channels for blue LED’s, white LED’s, moonlight and cloud movement. A moonphase cycle is also taken into account. The aquasunLED housing is passively cooled and made of anodized saltwater resistant aluminium which eliminates the need for noisy cooling fans. Specifications: Dimensions: L 85 x W 36 x H 5.5cm Power supply: Safety external 24volt Total LED output: 200 watt Package contains: aquasunLED 200, aquafit S/Steel suspension kit, power supply, DimEdit software, USB cable, instructions.