Aqua Medic Calcium Reactor KR400



Aqua Medic Calcium Reactor KR400 Calcium reactor for the supply of calcium and bicarbonate ions in seawater aquariums up to 400ltrs. A slow flow of water passes through the Hydrocarbonate filter media and the addition of CO2 lowers the pH of the water. The low pH around pH 6.5 dissolves the Hydrocarbonate and releases calcium and bicarbonate. The slightly acid water returning to the aquarium is diluted as it mixes into the aquarium so the pH of the aquarium remains stable. A circulation pump inside the reactor chamber moves the water throughout the media, eliminating any dead areas and ensuring all the hydrocarbonate is utilized. A threaded socket is integrated into the lid of the KR 400 to accept a PG 13.5mm – long – threaded pH probe so that the pH inside the reactor can be monitored. The monitoring and control of the CO2 dosage can be automated by using a pH Computer or AT-Control. The AT-Control can simultaneously monitor the pH of the aquarium and the reactor, making any adjustments very easy. Recommended options: pH Probe 13.5mm, CO2 Set Basic 500, M-Ventil solenoid valve, pH Controller or AT-Control. Please read all instructions carefully when using this product and note the requirements concerning the operation and maintenance. Dimensions: L 14.5 x H 37 x W 10cm