Aqua Medic Evo 3000 Skimmer



Aqua Medic Evo 3000 Skimmer The Aqua Medic EVO 3000 is a motor driven, adjustable external protein skimmer with controller for marine water aquaria from 500 up to 1,500 litres of water. The venturi pump draws water out of the aquarium or filter chamber, mixes it with air in the pump housing which is then cut into small air bubbles by the Aqua Medic 3D needle wheel. This water/air mixture is then pumped into the reaction pipe where organic substances are taken up by air bubbles. Foam is formed and pushed into the foam cup. The purified water leaves the skimmer via outlet and is directed back to the aquarium or filter sump by the discharge. The Aqua Medic EVO 3000 is designed for installation in any mode: as a -hang on-, it is simply hung over the edge of the aquarium. Only the venturi pump is inside the tank. The power-saving and effi cient pump DC Runner 3.0 serves as a venturi pump (incl. DC motor) with power consumption of max. 20 watts. Polished ceramic bearings and shafts for brilliant silent performance and a maintenance-free steady use. The pump power and foam production can be continuously adjusted by the included controller. Thus, the skimmer can be adapted perfectly to the water level and individual needs. The 3D needle wheel will provide a large amount of air and optimum bubble structure. The included Silencer ensures an almost soundless operation. In the cabinet, it can be installed inside or outside the filter sump. It is designed to fit into nearly every standard aquarium cabinet. Specification For aquaria from 500 up to 1,500 litres water Total height: 56 cm Foot Print: 35×17 cm Pump: Aqua Medic DC Runner 3.0 Including DC Runner Control Power consumption: max. 20 watts