Aqua Medic Evo 500 Internal Skimmer DC 1.3 Version



Aqua Medic Evo 500 Skimmer The power-saving and efficient pump DC Runner 1.2 serves as a venturi pump (incl. DC motor) with power consumption of max. 7 watt. Polished ceramic bearings and shafts for brilliant silent performance and a maintenance-free steady use. The pumps power and foam production can be continuously adjusted by the included controller. Thus, the skimmer can be adapted perfectly to the water level and individual needs. The new 3D needle wheel will provide a large amount of air and optimum bubble structure. The included Silencer ensures an almost soundless operation. A high skimming capacity is achieved by the special water flow with a patented conical foam cup. Incl. controller. Dimensions: (L x W x H) 5.6? x 3.2? x 14.6? Immersion depth: app. 9”