Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor NR5000



Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor NR5000 Anaerobic denitrification filter using deniballs as food for the bacteria, for use with seawater aquariums up to 5000ltrs A slow water flow through a filter medium produces a low oxygen (anaerobic) environment for the nitrate reducing nitrobacter bacteria. The lack of oxygen means that the bacteria then utilize the nitrates (NO3) in the water to source their oxygen in order to breath. The end result of this nitrate breakdown is nitrogen gas (N2) which is harmless. However, the bacteria also require a food source. The NR 5000 uses bactoballs as a surface for the bacteria to colonize and must be fed regularly with Denimar powder or Deniballs (optional) which provide a long term food source. The deniballs are an organic plastic and are consumed by the nitrobacter bacteria as an energy source. The deniballs need to be replaced about once a year. An OR2500 circulation pump fitted externally to the filter chamber moves the water throughout the media, eliminating any dead areas. Please read all instructions carefully when using this product and note the requirements concerning the operation and also water maintenance. Dimensions: L 55 x W 30 x H 96cm