Aqua Medic Reverse Osmosis Merlin Plus (PRF-RO)




Aqua Medic Reverse Osmosis Merlin Plus (PRF-RO) Reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of c. 2,000 l/day (c. 500 gpd) The Merlin plus (PRF-RO) reverse osmosis unit operates using just the mains pressure of the tap water (3 – 4 bar), without the need for a high pressure pump. It has 2 high fl ow membranes and a combined activated carbon/sediment prefi lter. Salt rejection is c. 90 – 95 % and the recovery ratio (purewater:wastewater) is 3-4:1. The unit is frame mounted and ready to run. We recommend using an aquaniveau level control with an M-ventil 1/2″ to give automatic control of the unit.