Aqua Medic Reverse Osmosis Premium Line 90




Aqua Medic Reverse Osmosis Premium Line 90 Premium reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of 75 – 90 litres per day @ 15deg C & 4 bar water pressure. Uses latest generation TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) RO membrane. The RO membrane housing includes a combined flushing valve and flow restrictor. A 10″ inch prefilter housing with a sediment filter cartridge retains all particles larger than 5 micron. A 10″ prefilter housing with activated carbon cartridge protects the RO membrane by removing chlorine. The prefilters and membrane module are mounted to a strong powder coated wall bracket. Salt rejection is 95 – 98% with a recovery ratio (concentrate:permeate) of 2.5 – 3:1