Aqua Medic Turbo flotor 5000 Baby ECO



Aqua Medic Turbo flotor 5000 Baby ECO Powerful skimmer with longer contact time for aquaria from 1,500 – 5,000 l (c. 375 – 1,250 gal) now with new venturi pump. The skimmer 5000 series were developed for larger aquaria. The reaction pipe has a diameter of 200 mm. A separate pump (2,000 – 3,500 l/hr) is required for the water supply, e. g. Ocean Runner OR 3500 or Eco Runner 3700. The new venturi pumps of our Eco Runner series with air wheel have a high skimming power, are very quiet in operation and have a low power consumption. T 5000 baby Eco: Total height app. 107 cm, required space app. 50 x 29 cm (without outlet D40). Venturi pump: 1 x Eco Runner 3700 – 38 Watt