Aqua One Reflex 70 Glass Aquarium 70L 60W x 31.5D x 40.5cm H (Black)



Reflex 70 Glass Aquarium 70L 60W X 31.5D X 40.5cm H (Black) The Reflex 30 features an ingenious corner filtration system that is located in the rear corners of the aquarium and linked by a small channel across the rear base. The channel can be easily concealed under gravel for aesthetics. The clever filtration system provides a cleaner aquarium, and maximises free space for fish and aquascaping due to its compact size. The new look LED light unit offers touch switch technology to switch the lights on or off, or choose between white and blue, white only and blue only. Features & Benefits: The corner filtration system allows water to enter one corner through a carbon cartridge, and then pass through the channel to the opposite corner before a powerhead draws the water through a sponge and returns it back into the aquarium. Unlike the back filter systems of the preceding Reflex aquariums, There are 2 major advantages to this filtration system: 1) 90% of the water volume in the tank passes through the filtration system at 100% of the pumps efficiency due to the inlet and outlet being at opposite sides of the aquarium. 2) The compact filter size maximises available free space in the aquarium for fish and aquascaping. The LED light features an all new shape that is sleek and classy. The touch switch technology enables the user to switch the lights on or off, or between white and blue, white only and blue only. Available in stylish gloss white and black. Spare Parts: 25145i – Impeller – Reflex 70 145i 25145S – Sponge – Reflex 70 145s 25145C – Sponge – Reflex 70 145c Suitable for: Coldwater and Tropical 1+1 Year Guarantee