Aquael Leddy 540 LED


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Aquael Leddy 540 LED extremely energy-efficient easy to install up to 50 000 working hours smart shapew conveys natural colours of fish and plants LEDDY lamps constitute a real breakthrough in aquarium lighting. They are manufactured in the form of flat aluminium strips that are 390, 500 or 540 mm long and are suitable for aquarium tanks that are 40, 50 and 60 cm wide. LEDDY 390 lamps have two 3W LEDs; LEDDY 500 and 540 have three such LEDs. While the new lamps consume very little power, they are characterised by higher light emission and have an extremely long useful lifetime – up to 50 thousand hours. The tint of lightning is selected so that it would perfectly render and emphasise the natural colours of plants and fish (colour temperature approx. 6500 K). Thanks to the new LEDDY lamps your fish tank will be well-lit with minimum energy consumption. The installation of the new lamps is very easy and can be performed in the following three ways: fixed to any aquarium lid by means of suspension mounts in place of regular fluorescent lamps (LEDDY 390 in place of T8 15W, LEDDY 500 in place of T5 24W, 540 LEDDY in place of T8 18W) by means of supports at the tank edges (LEDDY 390 – for tanks up to 44 cm wide, LEDDY 500 – up to 55 cm, LEDDY 540 – up to 60 cm) Specification: Color Temperature: 6500k Wattage: 3×3 W (LED) Size: 540mmx34mmx8mm