ARKA VIDA-GT Doser Master Unit



The ARKA VIDA-GT Pushing conventional limits. Re-defining aquarium care. The 4-channel VIDA-GT dosing unit combines the simplicity of aquarium care, thanks to an integrated magnetic stirring unit and automatic hose emptying. The result: unprecedented convenience for perfect aquarium care that redefines the concept of an “automatic” dosing unit. Magnetic stirrer and hose emptying. Selected to explore new avenues. Whether bacteria solutions or water conditioners, trace elements or liquid feed suspensions: convenient dosing is at its best when nothing is impossible. The integrated stirring unit with neodymium magnets impresses with the simplicity of automatic dosing. The automatic hose emptying with hose length learning function completes the new definition of “simple”. A marriage of design and everyday suitability. Strong, clear lines define its design. Large LCD display, high quality ABS plastic, water-repellent protective film, as well as high-gloss surface embody that character that we have selected for our VIDA-GT. Plus stainless steel screws, integrated depot brackets and many more details. Thanks to our efficient manufacturing, the VIDA-GT is a high-quality product at an outstanding price. The VIDA-GT is more than just a reliable partner for you and your pets. More than just a dosing unit. It is both. Innovative without compromise. Arka VIDA-GT Series Dosing computer The properties of the ARKA VIDA H4 dosing: 4 freely programmable individually switchable metering channels (expandable to 8 channels) Magnetic stirring device (automatic control) on 4 channels Large LCD display High quality ABS plastic Water resistant panel Glossy surface Stainless steel screws Integrated depot holder Automatic emptying hose with learning function Dosing: 1-1999 ml per channel per dosing Dispense 0 – 24 hour adjustable Periodically dosing intervals 1-30 days / 1 – 24 hour 6 individually programmable dosing times per / day / channel Single program of the days Metering accuracy of +/- 2% after calibration German, English and French language menu Hose length of max. 6 m Power supply unit 110 – 240 V 12DC out 1000 mA Connecting Cable Network Connector RJ 45 for slave module External Dimension: 29cm (L) x 17.6cm (W) x 7.6cm (H)