Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm 25 Tablets



For the control of Flukes (monogenetic trematodes) and Tapeworms (cestodes) in ornamental fresh and saltwater fishes. Each tablet contains: 100mg Praziquantel. Use with caution when treating aquarium containing Snails or catfish. If adverse effects occur, discontinue treatment and change 50% of aquarium water. Remove activated carbon from filtration system and slow flow rate to sub-gravel filtration for duration of treatment. Pre-dissolve tablets in a disposable cup before addition to the water. NOT TO BE USED ON FISH INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Dose Rate: Use at the rate of 1 tablet per 20 liters of aquarium water. After 48 hours from initial treatment change 25% of aquarium water and clean filter medium. Repeat dose rate after 7 days to prevent re-infestation. DO NOT OVERDOSE. If condition does not improve consult your veterinarian or aquarium dealer. Note: A small residue of cellulose will be evident after dissolving tablets, this residue is harmless to fish.