Continuum Aquatics Power Cleanse CC Catalytic Carbon 1.8kg



Continuum Aquatics Power Cleanse CC Catalytic Carbon Superior technology catalytic carbon for use i marine and freshwater aquaria and for chloramine and chlorine removal in reverse osmosis systems Power•Cleanse CC is an extremely powerful, highly activated catalytic carbon containing huge numbers of mesopores and macropores, suited to direct adsorption of a wide range of organic pollutants in tap water, as well as marine, brackish and freshwater aquaria. It will significantly raise the ORP (unlike standard carbon) and it will outperform any standard carbon because of its catalytic action. Unlike standard carbon, Power•Cleanse CC will also remove toxic chloramine, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from tap or aquarium water. Power•Cleanse CC is powerful, you don’t need much! 1.8Kg