Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium 250ml



Ultimate aquarium water conditioner with over 30 beneficial effects 100% natural & safe all-purpose aquarium problem solver in a bottle! Liquid Filter Medium detoxifies and promotes aquarium water quality Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is a special blend of natural inorganic mineral compounds and contains no organic chemicals, enzymes or bacteria. Can be stored at room temperature indefinitely without diminishing quality or potency. 1 fl. oz. treats 24 gallons. 16.9 fl. oz. Dosage cup included. For marine and freshwater aquariums. Effects on corals / lower animals / live rock live rock / corals open much quicker and easier all water inhabitants will grow better the lower animals become more active the animals are less prone to disease adds a wide range of essential minerals and trace elements Water quality / biofilters / useful bacteria makes the water crystal clear removes heavy metals (e.g. copper, zinc, cadmium) removes ammonium, chlorine, chloramine and other harmful compounds (chlorine compounds only in freshwater) removes harmful bacteria absorbs residue of medication and chemicals eliminates bad odour prevents algae problems continually adds oxygen to the water improves the water quality and keeps it stable protects against sudden alterations in the water quality improves the overall water condition spectacularly useful bacteria multiply much faster biofilters become more efficient and longer lasting accelerates the bio-activity: ideal for starting up new filter systems