Eheim Professionel 3 1200XL 2080


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Maintaining a large aquarium has never been so easy! You can count on the EHEIM Pro 3 XL canister filter’s high capacity, multi-stage filter to operate both efficiently and silently to help create and maintain a biologically balanced ecosystem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in your large fresh or saltwater aquariums. Features: Integrated automatic self priming for quick and easy filling of the canister filter. Four heavy duty super locking clips for tight closure of the pump head onto the canister. Integrated safety handle prevents accidental opening while carrying. Easy to use three stage hose adapter. The water is sucked in through 2 priming hoses. This is new and means: 2 priming hoses with 2 prime strainers ensure perfect water replacement in all zones in large aquariums. The water is returned into the aquarium through 1 pressure line. The Eheim professionel 3 2080 is the first external canister filter with a triple adapter. This adapter can be detached only when it is closed together with the safety catch. That prevents faulty operation. Large pre-filter with separate drip tray for easy intermediate cleanings and an extra long service life and easy regular maintenance. Simply rinse pre-filter pad (blue) and change the fine filter pad (white); the biomedia in the media baskets remains undisturbed. Shaft and bearing sleeves are made of space age high performance ceramic. Ultra quiet, resistant to heat, abrasion, chemical and biological substances as well as an extremely long service life. Ready for connection – completely equipped with original Eheim foam filter pad/filter pad and installation accessories. For fresh and saltwater aquariums. Made in Germany. Benefits of Professionel 3 1200XL: The first filter with a 3-part hose adapter (2x inlet side, 1x outlet side) for perfect water circulation in large aquariums Flow rate indicator – informs you when should be cleaned Transport castors – make the filter manoeuvrable by slightly tilting it Prefilter drip tray – for ‘drip-free’ carrying of the prefilter when cleaning Included in the Box: 2x priming pipes with prime strainer Overflow elbow with nozzle pipe Suction holder Filter baskets Eheim quality hose Filter pad and foam filter pad Coarse prefilter pad Technical Specifications: Power: 25W Voltage:240V Frequency: 50Hz Max Flow Rate: 1700L/Hr Max Head: 2.6m Canister Volume: 25.0L Filter Volume: 12.0L + 1.5L (pre-filter) Dimensions: 567x330x330mm For aquariums up to 400-1200L