Eheim Professionel 3 600 2075


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Whether hidden in your cabinet or out on display, you can count on the Eheim Professionel 3’s high capacity multi-stage canister filter to operate efficiently, silently and help create and maintain a biologically balanced ecosystem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Features: • Integrated automatic self priming for quick and easy filling of the canister filter. • Four heavy duty super locking clips for tight closure of the pump head onto the canister. • Integrated safety handle prevents accidental opening while carrying. • Safety hose adapters with easy to use locking mechanism – the adapter can only be opened when the hose taps are closed. • Top of canister prefilter securely traps larger dirt particles, significantly increasing maintenance intervals of the biomedia. Simple to remove and easy to clean. • Individually fillable filter baskets complete with original Eheim filter media. • Shaft and bearing sleeves are made of space age high performance ceramic. Ultra quiet, resistant to heat, abrasion, chemical and biological substances as well as an extremely long service life. • The new convenient pre-filter with easy access just under the pump head traps dirt at the top of the filter, making regular maintenance easier. Significantly extends intervals between biological media cleaning. Simply rinse pre-filter pad (blue) and change the fine filter pad (white); the biomedia in the media baskets remains undisturbed. • Completetely equipped with filter media and all installation accesories. • For fresh and saltwater aquariums. • Made in Germany. Included in the Box: • 1x prefilter pad • 1x fine filter pad • Eheim SUBSTRATpro • Eheim MECHpro • Eheim bioMECH • Complete setup kit for inlet and outlet sides • Eheim quality hose 16/22mm Technical Specifications: EHEIM professionel 3 600 EAN 4011708202364 Article No. 2075020 UPC (-) For aquariums of about. 240.00 l For aquariums up to approx. 600.00 l Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approx. 1,250.00 l Pumping head approx. (H max at 50 Hz) 1.80 m Power(50 Hz) to 16 watt Filter volume 6.00 l Pre filter volume 0.50 l Container volume 9.20 l Width 238.00 mm Height 453.00 mm Depth 244.00 mm Voltage 230 volt Standard power plug EUR Packing 1 Part (s) Packing dimensions(Width) 29.80 cm Packing dimensions(Height) 49.50 cm Packing dimensions(Depth) 24.00 cm Hose Ø Suction side(inside) 16.00/22.00 mm Hose Ø Druckseite(inside) 16.00/22.00 mm Freshwater yes Sea water yes For outdoor use no