Hikari Mini Algae Wafers 22g


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Features: A perfect balance of premium-select ingredients developed to promote proper growth and desirable form in most herbivorous species. Contains higher levels of vegetable matter and multiple algaes that plecostomus and other algae eaters prefer. Great for all types of vegetable eaters including fish, snails and crustaceans. The uniquely shaped disc sinks rapidly and retains its shape allowing less aggressive species ready access to its nutrition. Contains pure-cultured spirulina and chlorella algae to help your underwater friends look their best, always. Trust the ®Hikari logo to assure your aquatic pets are getting the original and proven Algae WafersT formulation! Feeding: Feed no more than the amount your fish will completely consume within an hour. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein : min 3% Crude Fat : min 4.0% Crude Fiber : max 3% Moisture : max 10% Crude Ash : max 17% Phosphorus : min 0.8% 22g