Kessil AP700 Mounting Arm 1pk



Kessil’s Mounting Arm is a premium mounting option that allows you to install Kessil Aquarium Lights directly to your tank. The Mounting Arm is adjustable in heights and from back to front (for 18″ – 24″ wide tank), together with advanced cable management to house the cable inside the arm, providing a perfect and sleek mounting option for rimmed and rimless tanks. It is compatible with A160, A360, and AP700 (require 2 for AP700). Part Number: KSAGN02 Weight: 1.76 lb / 0.8kg Dimensions: ΓΈ 1″ x W 12.32″ – 15.43″ x H 20.78″ Included in the box: 1 x Arm 1 x Slide Bar (234mm) 4 x M4 Round Head Hed Screw, L=8mm 1 x Arm Mount 1 x Tube Adapter 2 x M4 Flat Head Hex Socket Cap, L=15mm 1 x 90 Degree Adapter (for A160 & A360) 1 x A3XX Bracket 2 x Plastic Stepper 1 x M3 Thumb Screw 4 x M5 Flat Head Phillips Cap, L=10mm 2 x M5 Thumb Screw 1 x 2.5mm M4 Hex Key 2 x Thumb Screw 3/8-16