Pond One Pondmaster 360 Fountain Pump


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Pondmaster Pond One 360 Fountain Pump 600 L/Hr 0.85m MH/H Suitable for use in: Indoor and outdoor ponds Cascades and waterfalls Fountains and statues Small ornaments and wall fountains Hydroponic systems Irrigation systems Fresh/salt water aquariums Features & Benefits: 3 Fountain head sets 10 metre cable Completely submersible Compact design Quiet and efficient Easy to set up Low voltage models Spare Parts: 25010I – Impeller Set – 360/480 Series 10i Additional Info: Item Code: 11388 Description: Pondmaster MKII 360 Max. Flow Rate: 600L/Hr Max. Lift: 0.85m Voltage: 240V Cable Length: 10m 2 + 1 Year Guarantee