Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Filter System Size XS 100 x 49 x 35cm



Dreambox – filter system size XS Technical data Dreambox size XS: Dimensions: 100 cm wide x 49 cm length x 35 cm height Volume: ~ 150 Liter Fits for the following Roy al Exclusiv® Protein skimmers: Mini Bubble King´s 160-200, Bubble King® Double Cone 130-200, Bubble King® Supermarin 200-250, Bubble King® DeLuxe 200 High quality rigid PVC and Plexiglas® (plexiglass) Hot gas welded not glued, Plastic welding never leak as like glass filter cases with silicone gaskets Significantly sturdily, shock proof and lower weight compared to glass 8 mm thickness of PVC and Plexiglas® (plexiglass) Extremely noise-dampening by construction Fully prepared for the upgrade with media filters Filter socks in different grain sizes available, Adapt to your own needs and desired properties of water possible Crystal clear fine filtration according to customer’s wishes and needs Intelligent forced water supply by all chambers Inside spill safe by integrated CNC milled emergency overflows, even with 100% blockage of the filter socks are forwarding into the next Chamber Sea-waterproof titanium bolts By various options can be upgraded to the high-tech filter tank Precise CNC milled cover (closed), optional: cover preparation and adaptation for new purchase of a Royal-Exclusiv® skimmers (59,-€) From 100 cm box with oxygen degassing Chamber From 60 cm box with water level regulation for skimming Chamber,. Water level adjustable from 14 cm-23 cm 100% Made in Germany / Assembly by hand with DIN connectors/tubes 25 Years of experience in PVC filter and skimmer construction Upgrading by the following accessories possible: Dreambox – cover suitable for Royal Exclusiv skimmer $130.00 Float switch $318.00 Level switch $520.00