Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon Speedy Freshwater Pump



Red Dragon®3 Freshwater pump 100 Watt / 9,0m³ AKB anti-lime-bypass Technical data Red Dragon® 3 Freshwater pump 100 Watt 9,0m³: 100 Watt/h 4,2 mtr. pressure height AC pump intake side 50 mm – pressure side 32 mm operating voltage: 230 Volt 50 Hz (not in 110V/60Hz available) Protection class pump: IP 68 Weight pump: 4,5 kg Height of intake side: center 75 mm Dimension pump: 125 mm wide / 255 mm length / ~ 180 mm height The Red Dragon® 3 freshwater pump also has a rear bearing flushing (AKB anti lime bypass) which prevents the formation of calcium deposits and dirt. This freshwater/sweet-water pump is a real energy saver and thus by the low-maintenance ideally equipped for use in whirlpools, swimming pools, garden ponds and open air pools or swimming baths. Supply pump with an asynchronous motor Heavy and solid design, vibration and interference vibrations (Heavy and massive craftsmanship against vibrations and oscillation) Including parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling and residual vibration Genuine quality product “Made in Germany” All pumps-relevant parts: injection molding, stator, coil, electronics etc. are manufactured in Germany. Assembly, grouting, final inspection takes place in Germany. RD3 “Freshwater” is one of the few pumps, was developed and is produced in Germany, no re-labeling product of China. Incl. suction (inlet) and pressure (oulet) side complete VDL DIN fittings, compact design Extremely low-noise operation thanks to shrunken bearings from technical High-performance ceramics and with encapsulated power electronics (grouted power electronics) The extremely break-resistant rotor included a 12 mm diameter ceramic shaft Compared with ECO pump models with 2 m maximum pressure height creates the RD3 freshwater-pump more than double (4. 2 m) with same power consumption 98Watt! RD3 freshwater pump is designed as a submersible pump, can be used easily out of the water also CE conformity, developed and built according to VDE guidelines