Tunze Singlecontroller 7091


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The unit is supplied with connection cable for wave simulation with Turbelle ® electronic powerheads. By means of branch adapter 7092.34, two Turbelle® electronic can be operated synchronously. If photo-electric cell 7094.05 (not supplied) is connected up to the socket, the automatic operation in night mode can be activated. Currents are an energy of life in your aquarium. Turbelle ® electronic circulation pumps are controlled electronically. TUNZE Aquarientechnik have developed a large range of control accessories to simulate the various current conditions in the sea. (A) Wide-spread current – Turbelle ® pumps produce a wide-spread (soft) current. (B) Wave simulation – The maximum and minimum output as well as the pulse time of the pumps can be set easily – separately for the two channels in Multicontroller 7094, and for one channel in Multicontroller 7091. (C) Foodtimer (7091 + 7094) – The pumps can be switched off by the push of a button. Automatic restart after 8 to 10 minutes. (D) Operation in night mode – The output of the pumps is reduced during the night. The photo-electric cell 7094.05 required is supplied along with Multicontroller 7094. The photo-electric cell has to be ordered separately for Singlecontroller 7091. (E) Sequential pump circuit (7094 only) – The pumps are started one after the other, which produces a swelling current. The switching time can be adjusted. (F) Tide simulation (7094 only) – The pumps are switched on or off alternately. The switching time can be adjusted between 1 minute and 12 hours. NOTE: Most Marine Depot products are sold in 110V conversions. Please verify your country’s volt conversion before making any electrical purchase.