Two Little Fishies AcroPower 250ml



Amino Acid Formula for SPS Corals Contains a blend of amino acids utilized by corals for the development of their skeletal architechture. Corals, like other cnidaria, have a special ability to uptake dissolved amino acids across their entire surface. Closed system aquariums with protein skimming and other “ultra low nutrient” filtration methods deplete amino acids that are vitally important for coral health. Small polyped reef building stony corals of the genera acropora, montipora, stylopora, seriatopora, pocillopora and others become more colorful within days due to the extension of the growing margins when AcroPower is used. Entire contents treats 1250 gallons. Directions: Shake well. Add to a strong current stream for rapid distribution in the water. Dose 5ml per 94.6L at least once per week, or use a dosing pump to deliver the same volume divided into daily increments. Does not require refrigeration, but store in a cool, shaded area to maintain the shelf-life. Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture.