Universal Rocks Basalt 1′ (30cm) x 21.5″


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These backgrounds have been created by using some beautiful rock formations in Australia.

A few helpful hits when installing flexible backgrounds

Place a piece of cardboard on the inside of the tank (so as to not scratch the tank) a helpful precaution especially when you are installing a very large or a 3D background which is hard to bend at the top of the tank. One or Two helpers are sometimes necessary with the tough backgrounds. Another option is to tie the background up in a long roll and push it into the tank making sure the rock surface does not touch and scratch the inside of the tank. If cutting is necessary be careful as this material is extremely tough and has thin and thick parts where it becomes easy to cut and then very hard to cut sometimes causing you to slip.

Tools that can be used:

* Extremely sharp stiff bladed knife

* Circular saw

* Small tooth hand saw for best results when cutting these backgrounds, have someone pull on the section you are cutting off.

Gravel will help hold the base in place. For a permanent installation especially for a reptile environment we suggest you silicone it in place. For a professional look, apply some matching color sands to the wet silicone and with a small brush dab the silicone at the same time blending the sands with the background.


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