API Accu Clear 118ml



API Accu Clear 118ml API Accu Clear clarifies hazy aquarium water fast, eliminating clouding brought about by suspended particles. Clumps tiny floating particles together, forming large particles to be removed by the aquarium filter. Accu Clear also eliminates milky haze caused by gravel in new aquariums. If your water is cloudy, the use of Accu Clear will help to clear it and clear it fast! Benefits Clear cloudy water, eliminating haze Fast acting Directions Use weekly to keep the filter performing at maximum efficiency, or whenever cloudy water is observed. Use the API Dosing Cap on Bottle Do not overdose Water will clear within several hours If second dose is necessary, wait 24 hours Safe for use in freshwater aquariums Safe for all fish and plants in freshwater aquariums. Keep out of reach of children Avoid contact with eyes 118ml