Easy Life Voogle 250ml



Easy Life Voogle 250ml (Ultimate Immune Booster) Voogle creates excellent water conditions for fish and other animals in freshwater aquariums. Every fish has a natural immune system against pathogens. Transportation, dirty water or a high number of pathogens in the water cause a lot of stress. Stress costs a great deal of energy and has a negative effect on the immune system. The mucous skin, gills and fins, in particular, become more sensitive to diseases, such as white spot, fungi and other types of infection. Weekly use of Voogle ensures that fish remain optimally protected in a natural way and the dangers resulting from pathogens are greatly reduced. Voogle has no harmful effect on fish, shrimps, lobsters, molluscs, plants or the biofilter. Voogle has no effect on the important water parameters and does not cause resistance. Voogle mostly consists of plant extracts and supporting vitamins and minerals. Voogle breaks down naturally, so that it is not necessary to change the water after using the product. Tips For Usage Maintenance, continuous protection 10 ml Voogle per 100 litres aquarium water every week Transport 10 ml per 40 litres during (long-distance) transport Quarantine – import Five-day course treatment, 10 ml per 40 litres New fish in aquarium Double dose, 10 ml per 20 litres In case of problems Five-day course treatment, 10 ml per 40 litres *** Voogle is extremely safe to use and multiple doses can be added in one go if the situation requires. The course of treatment can also be extended without any problems 250ml