Tunze Master DOC Skimmer 9415


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Tunze DOC Skimmer 9415 for aquariums up to 396 gallons The new DOC skimmer 9415 has a very compact construction providing a high output at the same time, and thus can be fitted in just about any aquarium cabinet without problems. Features High skimming action at a low wattage. Can be used in sumps with fluctuating water levels (3.9″ – 7.9″) without affecting performance. Made of high-quality materials. No adjustments required. Consistant auto-adjusting output. Patented anti-overfoaming system prevents overfoaming of the skimmer and regulates skimming action. Removable post-filter: helps to eliminate micro-bubbles and can be used to hold fitler media (such as carbon or GFO). Simple cleaning: Skimmer cup and foam reactor are one unit. Very quiet peration with Hydrofoamer Silence. Robust construction with high-performance pump. Energy efficient. Specifications Recommended for aquariums up to 1,500 litres (396 USgal.) of salt water. Immersion depth from 100 to 200 mm (3.9 to 7.9 in.) without needing adjustments. Dimensions: L 13.8 x W 11.8 x H 17.3 in. 110 V / 60 Hz, 15 W, Water flow rate: 1,100 l/h (290.6 USgal./h). Air capacity: 850 l/h (224.5 USgal./h). skimmer cup volume: 2 l (.52 (USgal.).